What women say about Pelviva

Many real women like you have tried Pelviva with great results and you can read about their experiences below:

Amanda – Pelviva gave me fewer episodes of leaking whilst running

After using Pelviva I took far less trips to the toilet than before


Pelviva is the Perfect Piece of Kit!

Rosemarie, 74, from Nottinghamshire, who likes exercising, gardening and travelling (out of Lockdown) never had a problem with bladder leakage until about five years ago. Read her story to hear how Pelviva has helped her regain bladder control….

Hannah on running without leaking and Pelviva

Hannah, 46, a marketing consultant and mum of three girls, has used Pelviva to help improve bladder control when running saying …

Yasmin on Pelviva & bladder leakage

Yasmin, 49, single mum of an adult daughter and a health & fitness professional from Mortlake in West London, is an advocate of Pelviva and here she tells her story…

Caroline on Pelviva & bladder leakage

Caroline, 57, a nurse and children’s nanny from Hertfordshire has been using Pelviva® for five weeks and tells us how she’s finding it…

Emma on Pelviva & bladder leakage

Emma James, a pelvic floor physiotherapist with a clinic at Champneys, Tring talks about her experience of bladder leakage and using Pelviva.

Laura on Pelviva & bladder leakage

I think it would help many people who are suffering in silence and who think that this problem can’t be solved and that you have to live with it.

Janet on Pelviva & bladder leakage

Janet is a business development consultant in her late 50s from Fleet in Hampshire with five children, grandchildren and a very busy life.

Janine on Pelviva and bladder leakage

Janine is a keen cyclist and mum of two children who teaches indoor cycling classes in London and works full-time in the fitness industry and in her local bike shop.

Jan on Pelviva & bladder leakage

I never discussed my bladder leakage with anyone until one day I happened to say something to a friend and she recommended I give Pelviva a go…

Please note that all women are individuals and women will experience different responses to the Pelviva treatment. In clinical trials, 84% of women reported improved bladder control in just 12 weeks1. In a separate market research study 80% of women using Pelviva reported significant improvements such as improved bladder capacity leading to better sleep after just 3 weeks’ usage.2


1. Oldham J, Herbert J, McBride K. Evaluation of a new disposable ‘tampon-like’ electrostimulation technology (Pelviva®) for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women: a 12-week single blind randomized controlled trial. Neurourology Urodynamics 2013; 32(5):460-466. doi 10.1002/nau.22326.
2. Kirk Research 2019