Emma James physio on bladder leakage and Pelviva

Emma James, a physiotherapist for over 25 years, with practices in West Hertfordshire and at Champneys discusses bladder leakage and Pelviva …

“I used to wet myself a bit when running and under no circumstances would I ever hang around for a coffee after running 5km as I was desperate to get home, change and go to the toilet. However, I’ve found that Pelviva has helped me to strengthen my pelvic floor and I can enjoy a good chat and a drink after I’ve done some exercise without fear of bladder leakage.

“The pelvic floor is a muscle in the body like any other that needs to be trained and maintained. What I like about Pelviva is that it is easy-to-use, convenient and discreet. Most women are used to using tampons and you insert it as you would a tampon, and then carry on with your daily life for the next thirty minutes whilst it gently pulsates. I also find it helps by reconnecting women with their neural pathway so that they re-learn and remember how to do their pelvic floor exercises.

“As a physiotherapist, I believe I have a responsibility to talk more openly about the challenges women face with health conditions and to encourage us to share our experiences. Whether you’ve had children or not, it’s important we all do our pelvic floor exercises to help treat bladder leakage and take responsibility for a bit of self-care – getting the right nutrition, having enough sleep, asking for help if we need it, we’ll all be better for it.”

PEL/0133/UK – 6.3.20

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