Life-changing technology for weak Pelvic Floor muscles that cause bladder leaks1

What is Pelviva?

Pelviva is a single use, disposable Pelvic Floor muscle re-trainer that uses a specially developed stimulation programme to treat weak pelvic floor muscles that cause bladder leakage in women.1,2

The Pelviva treatment programme exercises your Pelvic Floor muscles to prevent bladder leaks when you laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise and to help you hold on when you urgently need the toilet.

How Pelviva works

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Pelvica Diagram


The microprocessor delivers the unique Pelviva Reactive Pulse Technology – RPT™ and controls the treatment level. It measures every pulse and monitors the actual level of stimulation through the muscle


After giving you 10 seconds to position Pelviva in your vagina, the strength of the pulsed stimulation gradually increases to a level that effectively exercises your Pelvic Floor muscles for you1


Delivers a 30 minute treatment programme


Soft, compressible foam makes Pelviva easy to position in the vagina. Once in position, the foam reforms and adapts to fit your individual shape3


Remove the pull tab to activate the battery. Allows a 10 second delay before the treatment programme starts giving you plenty of time to insert Pelviva inside your vagina

Why Pelviva?


It works! Pelviva treats the cause of your bladder leaks by helping you to re-train your Pelvic Floor muscles correctly. In a clinical study, 84% of women reported improved bladder control.1


The soft foam makes Pelviva easy to compress and position inside your vagina. It adapts to your individual size and shape for a comfortable fit.3

Easy to use:

Pelviva is a disposable, single use medical device. It is fully automated, so it automatically adjusts the level of intensity upwards or downwards to reach and maintain your therapeutic target level.3

Unique Features of Pelviva

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Body Responsive Foam

The foam is soft, lightweight, and can be easily compressed to position Pelviva inside your vagina. It is designed to maximise comfort and product performance. No matter what shape or size you are, once in position the Pelviva foam reforms and moulds to comfortably fit your individual shape holding the flexible pulse pads in close contact with your vaginal walls for effective treatment.3

Reactive Pulse Technology – RPT™

As you move, the Pelviva RPT allows Pelviva to adjust to your body, automatically altering the stimulation level to ensure you get effective treatment for the full 30 minutes. There are 2 types of muscles in the Pelvic Floor. Power muscles exert bladder control when you cough, laugh, jump, or make sudden movements. Endurance muscles help you hold on when you urgently need to go to the toilet.

The unique Pelviva pattern of stimulation is capable of exercising both power and endurance muscles with each pulse.2,3

Soft & Comfortable Fit

The soft compressible bio-compatible foam makes Pelviva comfortable & easy to use. The flexible pulse pads allow your body to move whilst having your Pelviva treatment.3

Microprocessor Technology

Each Pelviva contains a microprocessor that monitors the treatment level and delivers an innovative electrical stimulation to re-train and strengthen the Pelvic Floor muscles. The Pelviva pulse mimics the way your body works naturally, stimulating your Pelvic Floor muscles to perform effective Pelvic Floor contractions every time. Helping you recognise the feeling of correct Pelvic Floor muscle exercises.2,4

30 Minute Treatment

Each Pelviva is programmed to run a 30 minute re-training treatment to your Pelvic Floor muscles with a series of 10-second pulses and rest periods. These pulses are designed to target both types of your Pelvic Floor muscles. When the treatment has finished Pelviva is easily removed by pulling gently on the cord.3

25% Deeper Penetration

Pelviva is programmed to deliver a unique pattern of pulses to your Pelvic Floor muscles, which means it can penetrate up to 25% deeper into your Pelvic Floor muscles than conventional stimulation devices. This deeper penetration also helps you make the neuromuscular connection between the brain and the Pelvic Floor muscles, making it easier to do your own Pelvic Floor exercises without the Pelviva device.4,5,6

Clinical Evidence


Women using Pelviva reported a four times greater reduction in the impact that bladder leaks had on their lives when compared to women doing their own Pelvic Floor exercises.1


In a 12 week study 84% of women reported improved bladder control and found Pelviva comfortable, easy to use and reported no side effects.1


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