Laura Law, has been living with bladder leakage and is delighted with the results after using Pelviva.

“I would highly recommend Pelviva. I think it would help many people who are suffering in silence and who think that this problem can’t be solved and that you have to live with it”

5 ways you can help your pelvic floor through diet

We got chatting to Emma Bardwell who is a nutritional therapist and Women’s Health Specialist. We believe in a holistic approach to caring for your pelvic floor and asked her if diet can help?

How can I strengthen my pelvic floor muscles?

Many things can weaken the pelvic floor muscles such as pregnancy and childbirth, and as we age our bodies naturally lose muscle tone and collagen.

A recent interview with menopause specialist Dr Shahzadi Harper

Menopause and bladder leakage have held pole positions on the ‘do not discuss’ list for, well, forever! But women are speaking out more and more these days – with each other, with their families and with the press.

What I would tell my 30-year-old self about the menopause

Women in their 30s tend to know little about the menopause, but knowledge is power and learning about signs and symptoms you can actually prepare yourself.

Common Myths about the Pelvic Floor

Ah, the pelvic floor. There are over 650 muscles in the human body and these ones (your pelvic floor muscles) bring more than their fair share of misery to millions of women. Give me a leg cramp any day… But there are a LOT of myths doing the rounds about the pelvic floor so let’s be sure we know our facts from fiction.

You can regain bladder control

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