Stop, Squeeze for Three

This October during World Menopause month we’re on a mission here at Pelviva to get more women doing their Pelvic Floor muscle exercises daily with our Stop and Squeeze for Three campaign.

We’d love you to join us and do your Pelvic Floor exercises three times a day for three weeks (21 days) to start to form a habit. We’ll be here to motivate you all the way just follow us on our social media channels for daily hints and tips from physios and Pelviva friends.

Strengthening your Pelvic Floor muscles can help urinary incontinence (bladder leakage), treat pelvic organ prolapse and make sex better too according to the NHS. Bladder leakage is a little-talked about symptom of the menopause and perimenopause affecting 1 out of 3 women 1 and with one of the causes being decreasing oestrogen levels affecting the elasticity of the Pelvic Floor muscles.

Whilst as women we’re often toning our arms, legs and bottom through exercise, many of us neglect our ‘invisible area’ and never think about strengthening the Pelvic Floor. In our recent poll, only 23% of women admitted to doing their Pelvic Floor muscle exercises regularly.2

If you’re one of them, it’s time change your habits with us this October! Join us for Stop and Squeeze for Three – let’s start getting into a daily habit of doing our Pelvic Floor exercises together!



1. Hunskaar S, Lose G, Sykes D, Voss S. The prevalence of urinary incontinence in women in four European countries. BJU Int. 2004
2. Survey of 200 respondents 31.05.20 – 4.6.20. 90% female



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