About Pelviva

What does the Pelviva treatment feel like?

Most women describe feeling a pulsing sensation although we all feel it differently. Some women will feel it more than others, sometimes the pulse may change in strength as you move and you may feel it more on one side than the other.

Some women new to using Pelviva have told us that the first few devices seemed quite strong but that they got used to the sensation after using a few devices.

Does Pelviva come in different sizes?

Pelviva is the best size to work really well with your Pelvic Floor muscles. On first impression some women think it looks quite big but Pelviva is made of soft ‘squishy’ foam so it is easy to insert – especially if you use the included OptiLube™ gel. It is also very light and is very comfortable to wear. The dimensions of Pelviva are:

    • Length: 5.7 cms
    • Width: 3.3 cms
    • Depth: 2.95 cms

How do you use Pelviva?

For instructions on how to use Pelviva, please download our Instruction for Use leaflet or visit the How to use section of the website.

How often should I use Pelviva?

We recommend that you use Pelviva every other day for 3 months, averaging up to 15 per month. Pelviva is designed for single use, and you should never re-use Pelviva as it will not work. We do not recommend using Pelviva during your period.

How old do I need to be to use Pelviva?

Pelviva is not recommended for use by women under the age of 18. If you are under 18, we suggest you contact your local Health Professional to discuss your Pelvic Floor health.

Is Pelviva environmentally friendly?

Pelviva is an environmentally friendly alternative to continence pads. Improving the fitness of your Pelvic Floor muscles will mean less leaks. Less leaks means less pads and less load on landfill sites.

How should I dispose of Pelviva safely?

You should dispose of Pelviva by placing it back in the pouch that it came in or by wrapping it in a tissue then putting it in your bin. Pelviva cannot be recycled, so you should dispose of it with your other household rubbish. DO NOT flush Pelviva down the toilet. DO NOT incinerate.

Can I move about when using Pelviva?

Of course. Each Pelviva treatment lasts for 30 minutes and Pelviva is designed to fit like a tampon so you can get on with your day while using it. You should, however, not use Pelviva if you are doing any activity that may bring Pelviva in contact with water such as taking a bath, showering or swimming because this may stop it working.

Will I need to use Pelviva long term?

Like, any muscle the Pelvic Floor muscles will weaken if not exercised. Once you have built your Pelvic Floor fitness you’ll need to continue with a regular maintenance programme of Pelvic Floor muscle training to keep it strong.

I find it difficult to insert Pelviva. What can I do?

We advise applying a sachet of water-based lubricant (Optilube™ is included in the Pelviva pack) to the tip of the foam prior to removing the tab and inserting it. DO NOT use a petroleum based jelly or other sexual lubricants.

You may find that it is easier to insert Pelviva in certain positions. Think about how you would insert a tampon and find a similar, comfortable position before you insert Pelviva. We suggest this could be with one leg placed on a step, or lying down with your head supported and your knees bent.

How long should I keep Pelviva in?

You should keep Pelviva in for the entire 30 minute treatment programme and remove Pelviva after 30 minutes when the pulses have stopped.

How do I remove Pelviva?

Pull the removal cord to remove Pelviva. If you find this difficult, try lying down on the bed, relax and take a few deep breaths – gently pull on the cord and think about relaxing around your vaginal opening. Using the Optilube™ gel before inserting Pelviva will also make it easier to remove.

I can't seem to remove Pelviva. What should I do?

If you have been struggling to remove Pelviva it is possible that your Pelvic Floor muscles have gone into spasm. Please try not to worry, the Pelviva cannot travel any further inside and is unlikely to do any damage if left inside for a couple of hours after the pulses have finished.

Lie down and try to relax and forget about it for a few minutes. This will help your Pelvic Floor muscles to relax. You may want to watch some TV or read to distract yourself. When you are ready to remove Pelviva, apply some lubricant to the area and pull on the removal cord.

I can only feel it on one side. Is it working?

The pulse programme creates a link with your muscles and the energy flows in one direction – sometimes this means that you only feel the sensation on one side or can actually only feel the stimulation when the cord is on a particular side (left or right) of the pull tab. Next time you use Pelviva, note which side of the tab the removal cord is situated before you insert it. Try it on both sides and you will likely find that you have a favourite side.

I cannot feel anything happening when I insert Pelviva. Is it still working?

Check that you have pulled out the ‘start’ tab and then immediately insert Pelviva. Leaving a Pelviva for more than 1 minute after pulling the tab will trigger a safety mechanism that stops the Pelviva from working. Try applying the sachet of Optilube™ gel to the top of Pelviva prior to insertion to make sure Pelviva sits correctly inside the vagina. DO NOT use petroleum based jelly or other sexual lubricants.

Some women may find that they only feel the pulses when the cord is to a particular side of the pull tab. This is because the pulses flow in one direction and sometimes a traumatic childbirth can cause damage to the pelvic nerves. Next time you use a Pelviva note which side of the pull tab the removal cord is situated before you insert. If you still can’t feel anything, try the other side the next time. You may develop a favourite side to use.

If after trying the above, you do not feel Pelviva working at all we recommend contacting a healthcare professional – a specialist nurse or continence physiotherapist in your local area, for a full assessment.

After using Pelviva I have started bleeding and I am not due for a period.

You may have a problem inside your vagina or with the cervix. You should stop using Pelviva immediately and contact your medical practitioner. Any bleeding between periods should be investigated.

After using Pelviva I have started bleeding and my periods have already stopped (I am post menopause)?

You may have a problem inside your vagina or with the cervix.

You should stop using Pelviva immediately and contact your medical practitioner. Any bleeding after finishing having periods should be investigated.

Environment and Sustainability

Femeda is focused on improving quality of life for women. Our product, Pelviva™, can help the one in three women globally who suffer with urinary incontinence.

Pelviva is a single use, disposable, vaginally inserted medical device with proven clinical efficacy to reduce bladder leakage.

Pelviva is fully automated, uniquely delivering a programme of neuromuscular electrical stimulation directly to the pelvic floor mimicking the way the body works naturally. To do this our product requires energy in the form of a small watch-size battery and a micro-processor that delivers the unique Pelviva Reactive Pulse Technology – RPT™ and controls the treatment level. It measures every pulse and monitors the actual level of stimulation through the muscle. At the end of the 30-minute treatment the battery is automatically fully depleted to optimise safe disposal.

The product was designed to be disposable to optimise treatment success and remove any risk of infection. In addition, by reducing the need for incontinence pads, Pelviva usage contributes to lowering the risk of UTIs. The clinical success of Pelviva will also help to reduce the negative effect of incontinence pads on the environment. We believe that, by reducing the need for incontinence pads, we will have a positive effect on the environment. We are also providing a drug free treatment option avoiding drug side effects and excretion of medicine by-products into the water system.

We continue to invest in solutions to make our products and processes more sustainable and design our materials, manufacturing methods and supply chain to minimise our impact on the environment.

Tips for using Pelviva

Should I use lubricant?

Yes – use the Optilube™ gel provided, as it will make it more comfortable to insert Pelviva.

Can I use Pelviva with an Intra-uterine device (IUD) or coil?

Yes, the carefully selected stimulation programme within Pelviva will not affect your IUD (coil). However if you think you may be pregnant you should not use Pelviva.

Can I use Pelviva on holiday?

Yes, we recommend that Pelviva is packed in your checked-in luggage.

Remember you must not use Pelviva when it may come into contact with water so you should not go swimming or have a bath or shower with the device in place.

Can I do my Pelvic Floor exercises whilst using Pelviva?

Yes – you can join in with the pulse programme which makes your muscles work for 10 seconds followed by a 10 seconds rest phase. To begin with you may only be able to join in with a few contractions but you will feel able to do more as your muscles get stronger.

Can I use Pelviva instead of a tampon?

No – Pelviva should not be used as protection during menstruation

Can I go to the toilet while I am using Pelviva?

No. You should not use the toilet while you are using Pelviva. We recommend you empty your bladder before you pull the start tab. If you really need to go to the toilet during use, you must remove Pelviva.

Safety Information

Are there any conditions that mean I should not use Pelviva?

Yes these include:

  • During pregnancy and for up to 12 weeks post delivery
  • Past history of Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Pelvic malignancy (cancer)
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Vaginal infection / Thrush
  • If you are under 18
  • If you have an implanted Cardiac Pacemaker or Sacral Nerve Stimulator
  • If you have a severe prolapse that you can feel at the opening of the vagina
  • If you have had Pelvic surgery in the last 12 weeks

Are there any conditions that mean I should take extra care when using Pelviva?

Yes these include:

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Epilepsy – consult a healthcare practitioner before using Pelviva
  • If you use a Diaphragm for contraception, remove before using Pelviva
  • Take care when inserting and removing Pelviva, if you have vaginal / labial or clitoral piercings
  • Dry / itchy vagina (atrophic vaginitis)

Please note: Pelviva is nickel-free and made of hypoallergenic materials so you should not have an allergic reaction to Pelviva.

Can I use Pelviva while having a period?

No, we do not recommend the use of Pelviva during a period.

There is a possibility of increasing menstrual blood flow and making your period heavier and more uncomfortable. There is also an increased risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, if you inadvertently leave Pelviva in after treatment. We recommend using 15 Pelviva each month during the treatment phase so you can fit in using these around your period.

I have been using Pelviva and have found out I am pregnant. Will it have harmed the baby?

This is highly unlikely.

Whilst we do not recommend using the product during pregnancy we do not expect Pelviva to have caused any harm to your baby. You should now stop using Pelviva and inform your obstetrician that you have been using it whilst you’re pregnant.

I have just had a baby. Can I use Pelviva?

We recommend waiting 12 weeks before commencing Pelviva to let your body recover from the birth.

I have a heart pacemaker. Can I use Pelviva?

No, you should not use Pelviva.

The electrical signal emitted from Pelviva could cause your Pacemaker to malfunction.

I have an implanted Sacral Nerve Stimulator (SNS). Can I use Pelviva?

No, you should not use Pelviva.

The electrical signal emitted from Pelviva could cause your SNS to malfunction.

I have a nickel allergy. Is it safe to use Pelviva?

Yes, the product does not contain any metal in the electrodes and is designed to be hypo-allergenic.

I've just had pelvic surgery (e.g. vaginal or abdominal Hysterectomy). Can I use Pelviva?

We recommend waiting 12 weeks before commencing Pelviva to let your body recover from the surgery.

I had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) a few years ago. Should I use Pelviva?

No, we do not recommend using Pelviva as it is a vaginal device and could increase your risk of developing TSS again.

I had a pelvic malignancy (e.g. cervical cancer) about 10 years ago and have now completed all my treatment and am discharged from the consultant can I use Pelviva?

Yes, as long as you have completed all your treatment and are now discharged, you can use Pelviva.

I have a very dry itchy vagina. Can I use Pelviva?

You should check that you do not have a vaginal infection or thrush – contact your General Practitioner. Wait until your treatment is completed and the itching has stopped before commencing Pelviva.

If you have finished having your periods (post menopause) this could be a sign of atrophic vaginitis (lack of oestrogen in the vaginal tissues) – contact your General Practitioner who may be able to prescribe an oestrogen replacement therapy that is applied in the vagina. You should wait 12 weeks after commencing this treatment before using Pelviva.

I have epilepsy. Can I use Pelviva?

We strongly recommend consulting the physician who looks after your epilepsy for advice before using Pelviva. It may be helpful to then have supervision from a specialist nurse or physiotherapist.

I think I may have a vaginal prolapse. Can I use Pelviva?

If you have a ‘lump’ or ‘bulge’ that you can feel at the opening of your vagina you should not start using Pelviva – you should contact a healthcare professional for a full assessment.

If you have a smaller ‘lump’ or ‘bulge’ that does not come outside of the vagina you can use Pelviva which may help to improve the function of your Pelvic Floor muscles; improving Pelvic Floor muscle function has been shown to improve the symptoms of mild to moderate vaginal prolapse.

Customer Service

How much does Pelviva cost?

Pelviva 3 Treatment Pack £42.95

Pelviva 15 Treatment Pack £199.95

Delivery is free of charge to all UK addresses. Delivery to the Republic of Ireland costs £5

I live outside the UK and Ireland, how do I order Pelviva?

We do not currently supply Pelviva to countries outside the UK and Ireland. We do however want to hear from you, if you do live outside the UK and Ireland, as we do have plans to expand our business to other countries as we know women all over the world could benefit from using Pelviva. Please contact us or call us on 0800 6816008 to tell us where you live as this information may help us decide which countries we should go to next.

Will Femeda share or sell my data?

We will only use your details to send you information about your order or about Pelviva. We will not sell your data to anyone who would market other goods and services to you. For full details on our privacy policy, please read our terms and conditions

How long will my Pelviva take to arrive?

All orders will be despatched within 1 working day. UK orders will be delivered on a DPD 24 hour delivery service. Republic of Ireland orders will be delivered on a DPD 48 hour service. For any further delivery questions please call 0800 681 6008.

How to change / cancel my order?

To change or cancel your order please call our Customer Helpline on 0800 6816008 or email jane@pelviva.com. Please read our terms and conditions of sale.

What should I do if I have a faulty product?

In the event a product is found to be faulty or not as described (including product that is damaged on receipt), you may return it to us for investigation, Femeda will pay for the return postage. Please contact us on 0800 681 6008 to report this and obtain a returns reference, returns form and shipment labelling.

Femeda will investigate returns that are alleged to be faulty or not as described. You will be kept informed of the progress of any investigation and may be contacted if additional information is required.

Where Femeda find the product to be faulty or not as described a full refund will be provided including any delivery charges that were added to your order. Your legal rights in relation to faulty or not as described goods, your statutory rights, will not be affected provided the product in question is returned to us.

Please read our terms and conditions of sale.

What should I do if I don’t like Pelviva? Can I return it?

If within 14 days you change your mind and decide that Pelviva is not right for you we will accept returns of unopened / undamaged products and provide a full refund. You will be responsible for the cost of the return postage. Please contact us on 0800 681 6008 to obtain a returns reference. A returns form quoting this reference must accompany the returned goods to enable us to facilitate a refund.