Pelvic Floor Trainers, Incontinence Products and the Environment

Femeda is focused on improving the quality of life for women.

Our product, Pelviva®, is a single use, disposable, vaginally inserted medical device with proven clinical efficacy to reduce bladder leakage. It can help the one in three women globally who suffer with female incontinence1.

Pelviva is fully automated, uniquely delivering a programme of neuromuscular electrical stimulation directly to the pelvic floor, mimicking the way the body works naturally. To do this it requires energy in the form of a small watch-size battery and a micro-processor that delivers the unique Pelviva Reactive Pulse Technology – RPT™ and controls the treatment level. It measures every pulse and monitors the actual level of stimulation through the muscle.

At the end of the 30-minute treatment the battery is automatically fully depleted to optimise safe disposal and Pelviva itself is designed to be disposable to remove any risk of infection. In addition, by reducing the need for incontinence pads, Pelviva usage contributes to lowering the risk of Urinary Tract infections (UTIs). The clinical success of Pelviva will also help to reduce the negative effect of incontinence pads on the environment.

Femeda is also providing a drug-free treatment option for bladder leakage avoiding drug side-effects and excretion of medicine by-products into the water system.

We continue to invest in solutions to make our products and processes more sustainable and design our materials, manufacturing methods and supply chain to minimise our impact on the environment.

Here at Femeda, we advocate that every woman does their pelvic floor exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. However, we also recognise that 50% of women cannot do their pelvic floor exercises correctly, through no fault of their own2 3.

This is where our product Pelviva can help as a women’s bladder leakage solution. It is a clinically-proven product that trains your pelvic floor muscles for you. In our market research study, the majority of women using the Pelviva treatment reported noticeable improvements in as little as three weeks4.

However, we believe you need to find what works for you. We are lucky that there are a variety of options for women suffering from bladder problems right now such as such as Elvie, Kegel8 and PelviPower. We are in great company.

Try Pelviva – it works.


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PEL/00132/UK 6.3.20

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