Meg Matthew’s view on bladder leakage and Pelviva

Read about Meg Matthew’s view on bladder leakage and Pelviva in this article from March’s Red Online.

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“Before I started going through the menopause at around the age of 49, I thought that the only symptoms that women experienced were hot flushes and of course your periods eventually stopping. I now know that’s simply not the case and actually over 34 symptoms have been identified (find them all here) and I expect there are probably even more we could add to this list! One of the most distressing has to be leaking wee (bladder leakage) at inappropriate moments. I know from conversations with girlfriends and people getting in contact with me via MegsMenopause that it can be a real problem if that’s one of your main menopause symptoms.

“There are stories of ladies like you and me, former colourful party animals, now virtual recluses as they don’t want the embarrassment of potentially peeing unexpectedly and leaking into their clothes. I sometimes feel desperate to go for a wee and it’s a relief when I get to the toilet.

“It can be really embarrassing if you do leak. Not only can it affect you emotionally but it’s also a right hassle to deal with if you need to take multiple outfits, pads if you use them and enquire about where the toilets are as soon as you arrive anywhere. I also have mates who have said it’s made them feel less feminine and sexy particularly if they have to wear bulky incontinence pads to mask the problem.

“So, what’s the answer? The NHS describes what pelvic floor exercises are and they can be found here. I know the importance of doing my exercises and remember being told after I had my daughter Anais to do my pelvic floors every time I stopped at a red traffic light! It’s really important to build it into your routine – whatever works for you – in your car, with your morning cuppa or evening glass of Pinot or last thing at night.

“When my pelvic floor started not being quite the same, I wanted something to help me fix it and I met an innovative company called Pelviva® – who were passionate about helping women with bladder leakage to take back control. Pelviva is a small discrete device and is hugely helpful. You just pop it in your vagina for 30 minutes at a time a few days a week and it actually does your pelvic floor exercises for you whilst you get on with your life.

“Interestingly, The NHS recommends electrical stimulation if you can’t do pelvic floor exercises and helpfully Pelviva delivers that electrostimulation directly to the pelvic floor muscles. It’s great at helping you locate your pelvic floors. Great for women who need a helping hand as, as many as, 50% of women aren’t doing their exercises correctly in the first place even when they understand they should be doing them.”

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