meet-caroline-pelvic-floor-muscle-retrainer-review-testimonial-pelvivaCaroline, 57, a nurse and children’s nanny from Hertfordshire has been using Pelviva® for five weeks to help treat bladder leakage and tells us how she’s finding it…

“I’ve had issues with my pelvic floor for a while. I definitely have stress incontinence and will experience leaks when I cough or sneeze and often when I’m out walking my dog, a pug. It was beginning to affect my quality of life, so I went to see Emma James, a specialist pelvic floor physio for advice and she recommended Pelviva.

“I’ve used one Pelviva every other day for five weeks and I’m really, really pleased with the results so far. My pelvic floor muscles feel stronger and the treatment has encouraged me to do my pelvic floor exercises regularly too on the days I’m not using a Pelviva. I’m now finding I rarely leak, and I don’t have to change my knickers during the day as I’m not having accidents like I used to. I can also do a wee now and stop and hold it mid-flow which I never used to be able to do before Pelviva.

“I found Pelviva pretty easy to insert, like you would a tampon. I had a quick word with the customer care team at the beginning for reassurance. They were really knowledgeable about the product and answered a couple of questions I had about where it should be positioned. Initially I found the sensation quite strong and wasn’t expecting the pulse, but I’m now used to it and have no problems whatsoever.”

PEL/0144UK – 23.3.20

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