Rosemarie on bladder leakage

Rosemarie, 74, from Nottinghamshire, who likes exercising, gardening and travelling (out of Lockdown) never had a problem with bladder leakage until about five years ago. Read her story to hear how Pelviva has helped her regain bladder control and how she no longer has a bladder leakage problem ….

“I was aware that a lot of women suffered from incontinence as twenty years ago I used to work in a clinic at a London hospital however I never in a million years thought it would affect me!

“I have three children, all boys, who are now grown up, and whilst I did push hard in childbirth with my first son, never had a problem with bladder control until about five years ago. Then, all of a sudden, I started to experience leaks on a regular basis. It got to the point where I was reluctant to have a drink when I was out in case I couldn’t find a toilet. I also had to go to the bathroom two or three times in quick succession before leaving the house to travel anywhere or take my dog Coco for her daily walk!

“I was worried. I went to the doctor for tests to try to find out what was wrong and if I had a prolapse. I did and was offered some surgery to help but decided I didn’t want any interventions so declined. The leaks continued. I found myself wearing pads and feeling more and more self-conscious.  I’ve a thing about cleanliness, smells and freshness and my major concern was that there might be an odour associated with my urine leaks. I’m pretty sure I was being paranoid but I wouldn’t go anywhere without my Jo Malone scent just in case!

“One day I chatted to a good friend about my leaks and she recommended I try Pelviva. I opted for the three month treatment. It’s helped tremendously. I now no longer have a bladder leakage problem. I’ve noticed I have much more control, holding on for longer, and don’t have to run to the loo if I have an urge to go. I also rarely get up in the night now.

“I’ve moved on to using one Pelviva a week – a maintenance programme – to keep any leakage at bay. I combine this with Pelvic Floor exercises, which I never used to do but which now come much more naturally, and some Pilates.

“I use Pelviva first thing in the morning before I start my daily routine. I just pop one in and sit down and watch the news with a cup of tea. It is easy to insert with the gel and it doesn’t hurt although can be strong on occasion but you get used to it. I’m so grateful I found Pelviva. It’s the perfect piece of kit.”


PEL/00169/UK 29.06.2o


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