Hannah on bladder leakage

Hannah, 46, a marketing consultant and mum of three girls, has used Pelviva to help improve bladder control when running saying …

“I like to go running 2-3 times a week, usually running 8-10km a time. I’ve run for over 30 years but recently have had a couple of bad experiences of leaking whilst running. In response, I’d developed a very controlled and neurotic pre-run regime which involved not drinking anything for at least an hour beforehand and then going for a number of trips to the toilet to get the last drips out before leaving the house.

“I’ve used 12 Pelviva so far and it’s definitely helped my bladder control. Now I’m able to go to the loo once, then go for a run without leaking, like I used to before having children. I now don’t worry about having a drink before I go or how much I’ve drunk. I feel much more in control and less anxious about the likelihood of having a mishap on my run. Now that I’m so much more confident, I might treat myself to some new running gear that isn’t black!


PEL/00170/UK 29.6.20

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