meet-jan-pelvic-floor-muscle-retrainer-bladder-leakage-review-testimonial-pelvivaDeputy Nursery Manager, Jan, 63, from Morpeth in the North East who has two children and three grandchildren, has experienced real benefits from using Pelviva having endured a worsening problem with bladder leakage having her second child nearly 30 years ago. Here she tells her story …

“I never discussed my bladder leakage with anyone until one day I happened to say something to a friend and she recommended I give Pelviva a go as she thought it would make a difference to my pelvic floor and help with my bladder control.

“I’ve had a problem with bladder leakage for years – since having my second child. I’d even done my pelvic floor exercises pretty regularly so I dread to think what I would have been like without them! My bladder problems gradually got worse over the years and became really bad when I reached the menopause. If I left it too long before going to the toilet, I’d have to sprint up the street and up my stairs to get to the toilet in time. I also noticed that I’d need to go more when standing up from a sitting position due to the sitting putting pressure on my bladder.

“I became extremely careful about what I wore and almost neurotic if I was wearing a plain fabric because I was frantic that I’d end up leaking.

“It was like a secret mission trying to find incontinence solutions for the problem. I used to hide in Superdrug and do a recce of all the shop before buying incontinence pads to check there wasn’t anyone in there I knew. Then I’d go and stand by the plasters before grabbing the pads and racing to the till. I must have looked ridiculous on the CCTV!

“I didn’t go to the doctor as I didn’t want to admit to her or myself that I might have incontinence. It then started to become difficult being at work as I was permanently worried about leaking and about the possible smell of the urine. I also didn’t even tell my partner of 14 years out of embarrassment for years and when it came to going on holidays it was a nightmare. I had to take loads of pads with me in my suitcase – enough to use 4-5 a day – as I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get hold of any when abroad. There was barely enough room for any of my clothes and it was at that stage I told my partner!

“I thought using Pelviva was going to be daunting but it was actually completely fine and really easy-to-use. I started using each Pelviva lying down but after a while would just wear them around at home and even at work. I used to think it was funny if anyone came to the door as I’d be doing a pelvic floor workout and no-one knew!

“I started feeling a difference in terms of a tightening of my muscles really quickly. Within a couple of weeks my weak pelvic floor muscles felt much stronger and it also felt easier to do pelvic floor exercises naturally after using Pelviva.

“I’ve found Pelviva has definitely helped me. I no longer have to get up three times in the night. After the initial course of the 15 Pelviva treatment, I now use Pelviva approximately two times a week and am not sure where I’d be without it. I’ve much more confidence in general and I’m confident in the strength of my pelvic floor in that I can hang on for longer and know I won’t be standing there in a puddle in a social situation – thank goodness!

“I’m still using incontinence pads but they are now mainly dry all day so it’s really only as a precaution whilst I get used to the new me. Today I’ve had a pad in place since 7:30am and it’s still dry. It feels good not to be using so many incontinence pads too. I’m definitely sending less pads to landfill so feel I’m doing my bit to help the environment. I did initially try to use washable pads but felt like a 19th century washer woman and it was absolutely awful. I’m so glad I found Pelviva as it has helped me to feel much more like myself again.”

What do you like to spend time doing?
I do love to travel, particularly in Europe and it’s great now as I can just pack a few Pelviva rather than taking a case of incontinence pads! I’m also happy at home curled up on the sofa with a book and occasionally you can find me at local open mic sessions as I’m a part time poet!

What are you most likely to be sipping (drink-wise) and where?
I like red wine and the occasional beer when on holiday in Europe but I’ve never let myself have much more than a pint as it would be too much liquid and I’d be permanently looking for a toilet!

PEL/00130/UK – 20.3.20

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