Yasmin, 49, single mum of an adult daughter and health & fitness professional from Mortlake in West London, is an advocate of Pelviva and here she tells her story and talks about bladder leakage …

“I was 42 when I first noticed my pelvic floor getting weaker. I’d started working as a childminder and happily went on the trampoline with the kids I was looking after but was mortified to discover that within five minutes of bouncing about, I’d ‘totally leaked’.

“Initially I thought nothing of it but I’m both a fitness teacher of mobilisation and strength and regular attendee of various classes including yoga and spinning, I was beginning to find that I had bladder leakage when skipping or jumping in workouts which was something I’d never experienced before. I also found that when I sneezed, I leaked a little which was disconcerting. As the months went by my pelvic floor seemed weaker and the leaks started to get worse which coincided with my body going through the menopause. I remember that I actively started to avoid certain fitness activities as I wasn’t confident my pelvic floor would hold up.

“I never considered going to my GP or asking in the chemist for advice as it just didn’t seem something to bother them about but equally it was affecting me on a daily basis and becoming quite annoying. I tried to sort the problem myself though pelvic floor exercises which I used to do around three times a week during my workouts but I still continued to leak a little which was highly inconvenient.

“I was asked to join a trial to test a new product, Pelviva and jumped at the chance. I found Pelviva really comfortable and easy-to-use. I could just move around as normal whilst it was gently pulsating and doing its work inside me.

“I noticed a difference in about 10 days after using Pelviva, mostly with knowing which muscles I should be contracting during pelvic floor exercises which aren’t often easy to locate yourself. After only a few uses I was experiencing less leakage during fitness and felt I had much more bladder control. As an added benefit which I wasn’t expecting, I could feel more internal contractions during sex – which my partner has felt too! I’d definitely recommend that other women try Pelviva. Us women just shouldn’t have to put up with leaks when we don’t have to!”

Watch Yasmin’s video here:

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