Pelviva incontinence treatment

Re-train pelvic floor muscles – Regain Bladder Control

• Life-changing technological breakthrough for
   weak Pelvic Floor muscles that cause bladder
• 84% of women improved bladder control in a
   12- week clinical study

How does Pelviva work?

• Made of soft foam, each Pelviva® contains a microprocessor that delivers the unique Pelviva® reactive pulse technology to your Pelvic Floor muscles.

• The Pelviva® reactive pulse mimics the way your body works naturally causing your Pelvic Floor muscles to contract as they should, helping you recognise the feeling of doing Pelvic Floor muscle exercises correctly.

• Pelviva® retrains both types of muscles in the Pelvic Floor - power muscles to help prevent leaks when you cough, sneeze or exercise and endurance muscles to help hold on when you urgently need the toilet.

Currently in the final stages of development  Pelviva will be available
in packs of 3 and 15 


“After I run 12k my leakage can be uncontrollable. This morning I tensed my pelvic floor and was able to control it. Fantastic Pelviva has made a real difference!”

“I don’t get that panicky feeling anymore when I need to loo – there’s not fear that I won’t make it.”

“Using Pelviva is easy to fit into your life - “I did my pots, my ironing, or when I was getting ready for work – I just fitted it in whenever”